Inter eSports, Pedro continues to dominate in South America


Amazing results for our player, who also finds himself involved in the CONMEBOL eLibertadores

Another week, another success story. Can we get used to the taste of victory? If we ask Pedro, the answer would be no. This week he won another big prize and is currently playing in a new big tournament. Therefore, this update has the taste of champagne.

Pedro wins yet again in FIFA 21 Global Series South American Qualifier 4

Pedro has done it again. After winning the FIFA 21 Global Series South American Qualifier 3, he played this weekend the finals of Qualifier 4. The winner could walk away with prize money, qualification points for the finals and of course, glory. This time Pedro had a rough start. He lost his first match against Deny7. From the Loser’s Bracket, he couldn’t afford another loss.

With that pressure on his shoulder, he played his best matches yet. In the first round he won with a big scoreline, while the second round was a close call. Then in the third round he played against Klinger. The first match was a close 2-1 victory, but in the second match he secured his place in the Loser’s Finals with a 4-0 victory. There, he had to face Gabrielpn from R10 Team. Again, the first match was close with a 1-0 victory. But in the second match Pedro went wild and secured a 7-2 victory, which secured his place in the Grand Final.

As he came from the loser’s bracket, he had to secure two victories in two games. His opponent was PHZIN, who also plays for R10 Team. The first match ended in a 2-0 defeat for Pedro, which made the second match an all or nothing clash. He somehow turned it around and won 3-1. Due to the fact there was not any goal difference, the first round had to be decided by penalties. If PHZIN would win here, he would have taken the championship. But Pedro shot better and won with 4-3 and took the first victory.

The second series went all the way for Pedro. He won the first match again with a 3-1 scoreline, giving him the advantage. He held on to that advantage in the second match, which ended in a 1-1 draw. And with that result it was again Pedro who was crowned as champion. A back-to-back victory for our player. An amazingly strong result.

Follow Pedro during CONMEBOL eLibertadores

There is no rest for Pedro. And if we know him a little bit, he is totally okay with that. Right now, he is playing in the CONMEBOL eLibertadores. Yesterday we had the qualifications for the Final Stage, where he played magnificent in Group B. His first opponent was Dudu. In the first match he won a close match 2-1. After that good result, a 3-3 draw in the second round was enough to advance. In the second round, he faced MVAFineto from the R10 Team. There, he played a great competition. The first match went to Pedro with a 2-0 victory. With a second 2-1 win he qualified for the Final Stage.

You can follow the competition on the EA Sports Twitch Channels (Spanish-Portuguese-English) on March 16th and 17th with the show starting at 15:00 ARG/BR, 19:00 CET. And we advise you to watch it. During the live-streaming there will be some special FGS in-game vanity items that EA Sports will give away. Among those rewards there will be a TIFO featuring Pedro & Levy, so as an Inter eSports fan you don’t want to miss this!

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