China’s insatiable Nerazzurri passion


Jun 27th 2017

An interview with Sun Yanhua from Inter Club China on supporting the Nerazzurri in his home country

BEIJING – Despite its location on the other side of the world, Inter Club has firmly taken root in China, providing an outlet for their members’ Nerazzurri passion.

Sun Yanhua explains how he became an Inter fan and joined the official Nerazzurri supporters’ club.

How did your passion for Inter begin?

"I’ve been an Inter fan since 1997, when Ronaldo joined the club: at that time, he was the best player in the world. When he left in 2002, I decided to stay loyal to the Nerazzurri."

What does the Inter shirt mean to you?

"I was 17 when I discovered Inter. The club’s values perfectly aligned with my views on football and life, like tolerance, a worldwide brotherhood, integrity, honour and invincibility. Falling in love with Inter was one of the best things that has ever happened to me."

When was the club set up and what kind of things do the members get up to?

"Inter Club China was founded in 2002 and officially recognised in 2009. We keep in contact with members online and share our mutual passion for the club using social media like Weibo and WeChat. All members are able to get to know each other and share videos and photos of our beloved team. Some people are located in far-flung territories, so we often organise activities like watching matches together or playing tournaments. Whenever the club or Inter Forever come to China, we’re always there at the stadium to cheer the players on. We once organised a trip to Milan to watch a game there and visit the club’s symbolic locations."

What is it like to have Nerazzurri DNA?

"I’m proud to have Nerazzurri DNA: I want to convey this quality to other Inter fans in my country, so they can get closer to Inter by joining Inter Club."

If you want to fully express your love for Inter, get in touch with Inter Club China and sign up!

Website: 网站

Weibo: 国米阵线

WeChat: 国米阵线-粉丝

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