The Inter Campus Camocim celebration


Nerazzurri shirts arrive in Brazil and the community gets together

CAMOCIM - Just like every year since Inter Campus was inaugurated here in Brazil (in 2016), the time to hand out shirts has arrived. It’s a day of celebration, one which transforms into an event: it’s not just our children who take part, but the whole community too!

There are families who accompany their children or grandchildren enthusiastically. They’re there to pick up the kit, but also useful gifts are made available by the municipality, such as tupperware utensils for the home. There are institutions, such as the Ministry of Education, that immediately recognised the importance of Inter Campus in terms of schooling. And then there’s also the mayor, who provided spaces and buses for transporting the children.

A day of full of happiness made possible thanks to the tireless work of our local partners, coaches and, above all, those who decided years ago to invite and support the Nerazzurri’s project in this area of Brazil. Costa Incorporadora, a company consisting of forward-looking Italians who were determined to take the values of sport and Inter overseas to benefit children and their development.

The Inter Campus Camocim celebration The Inter Campus Camocim celebration The Inter Campus Camocim celebration

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