Tournament between Project centres with fun activities for the children and parents of Inter Campus Israel and Palestine at the end-of-season event

Tel Aviv - Up until the night before the highly anticipated day of games between the three biggest Project centres, we had all hoped that the children from the West Bank would be able to attend, just as they did in Jerusalem during our visit in March. Everything was set in place for their smooth passage through the checkpoints, but as is often the case in this region where happenings can be unpredictable and where fast and rushed are the order of the day, it’s difficult to be sure of anything.

The children from Jerusalem, accompanied by Ali Utman, and the children from Tel Aviv, many African children among them, arrived at the pitch in Maccabi in the morning for a specially designed day made to entertain and to allow everyone to enjoy the time together. Alongside classic football tournaments there was music, an outdoor picnic, and then also some football games amongst the parents, who turned out in great numbers and enjoyed playing with their children on a summer’s day of celebration for all.

Before we meet again next season, the day was rounded off with the awarding of certificates, a heartwarming moment which presented an opportunity to truly feel part of one big family!

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