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Training, tournaments and food: the importance of football

CARACAS – Sometimes, football isn’t a priority. Like, for example, when the health and social problems in a country are so serious that adequate nutrition for children and parents can’t be guaranteed. Or when there aren’t enough schools and institutions capable of providing the youngsters with an education. It’s not always been easy to carry out our project on a steady and ongoing basis and in doing so make it relevant for the local community, precisely because of the political and economic instability in the country.

In such contexts, it’s even more important that sport serves an instrument through which greater goals can be achieved. Indeed, it becomes fundamental.  And, through an integrated approach, this is what has been happening in Caracas for a number of years now. Together with local associations such as Pasion Petare, and thanks to the support of the UEFA Foundation for Children, Inter Campus has been able to guarantee two meals a week at the end of every training session for the 125 children involved in the project. The comedor, as they call it here, or the hot food for everyone, has become the main source of nutrition for these youngsters, who unfortunately don’t have a lot of options at home.

Furthermore, there are friendly tournaments throughout the city with the aim of helping the children make new friends and broaden their horizons, fun days at the cinema, educational opportunities for preadolescents and meetings with parents. This year, there was even a trip to the sea, where no one had ever been.

When it came to beach sports, however, we had to stick to football because no one has learnt how to swim!

Inter Campus and UEFA Foundation in Venezuela Inter Campus and UEFA Foundation in Venezuela Inter Campus and UEFA Foundation in Venezuela

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