An unforgettable day at the legendary venue in Rio de Janeiro


Many had never gone inside and many had never even seen it from cloys up. They all know it though because there are few more sacred sites in Brazil than this stadium. Definitely, none of them had ever played there before. At that venue where two World Cup finals were held, where the likes of Ronaldo scored goals. This time, it was the turn of the Inter Campus kids as the  Maracanã opened its doors for a tide of Nerazzurri youngsters! 

They arrive in dribs and drabs, accompanied by their coaches. There are small delegations from the different centres, selected for their behaviour, achievement in school and respect for sporting values. They set a positive example to motivate their classmates before the next opportunity to take to the pitch. 

The kids return home with the images of the tunnel leading to the green grass, a seemingly infinite number of seats rising above them and their memories of the goals they scored on that pitch that they won’t forget in a hurry. 



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