festa Inter Campus Cambogia


The Christmas party coincides with the mission and a fun time for the boys and girls in the project

Greeted by a contagious happiness and a party mood among the children, the Inter Campus delegation returned to visit the primary school in the village of Roong in the province of Takeo, around 40km away from the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. The mission began with the hugely-anticipated Christmas party with public recital, performancess and the delivery of gifts from the Missione Possibile charity along with the typical presentation of the Nerazzurri kits for the 145 boys and girls in the project. 

Every day is intense and divided between training sessions, meetings and collective moments with the kids demonstrating great positive energy. Deprivation remains widespread in Cambodia and this makes the presence of this school even more important. It’s a place that isn’t just all about learning but it provides a location where social and educational activities come together.

Like with many Inter Campus visits around the world, activities came to a close with a big Christmas tournament as the kids had a great deal of fun while wearing their Christmas hats. 


festa Inter Campus Cambogia festa Inter Campus Cambogia

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