In a small district in Caracas, there's one mother preparing meals for everyone

Inter Campus Venezuela in the eyes of the locals
Inter Campus Venezuela in the eyes of the locals

Yuri is a mother of four; her house backs onto the pitch in San Isidro where, every days, dozens of kids play with Inter Campus. From the early afternoon to the late evening, various groups of kids disturb the peace and quiet of that small quarter in San Isidro. Their laughter echoes around the local area, filtering through the windows and into the ears of the people who live there.
Yurani, Jospeh, Josemith and Angel - Yuri’s children - have been a part of Inter Campus ever since they were little. It was never going to be otherwise. They add their voices to the happy chorus that emanates from training sessions and, for some years now, they’ve had extra cause to smile, before their afternoons don’t just finish with a game - there’s now a new ritual, in which Yuri herself takes part.
Thanks to the Magallanes Foundation, to the partnership with the UEFA Foundation and to the tireless work of local associations, each child receives are full meal after training is completed. Ready-prepared and nutritious food, such as pulses, rice, vegetable proteins and (occasionally) meat, are given out to the children. In a difficult context such as Venezuela, where potable water is a scarce resource, Yuri has opened her doors to Inter Campus, making herself available to the community.
“I couldn’t hold back” she confessed, “and I accepted straight away this new assignment for the good of the children.” In the beginning, she laid out stools and a small table, giving out snacks to those who approached her. Today though, she’s become in all effects the cook for everyone after the game. She took us to her humble, but well-equipped, kitchen to show us all the pots and pans, with which she prepares the sancocho ( a typical Venezuelan soup with vegetables and chicken), which is meticulously distributed to rows of children. For some months now, she’s been wearing a beautiful white apron and a proper chef’s hat. “I take care of the food and I enjoy preparing it. The smiles of the kids, who often don’t have anything to eat at home, are the greatest recompense.” We would’ve liked to chat more, but she had to leave; prep for snack-time required her attention. We let her go and waited curiously: who knows what’s boiling in the pot this time.

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