The eve of the #DerbyMilano on Clubhouse with a Nerazzurri room


“#ThisIsTheDerby - The night before”, Inter voices a few hours before the derby

"We know full well that the buzz felt throughout the city in anticipation of this week’s #DerbyMilano is a special one. Everything takes on a different meaning in the days leading up to the derby: jokes, superstitions and voices. The latter, voices, are probably the most missed aspect of football nowadays. Because the spectacle of the Milan derby is also composed of voices: not just those of the stands at San Siro, amongst them chants, teasing and cheering, but also those of the chatter between friends before the match.

To try and at least partially make up for its absence, and to share the contrasting emotions that we all feel at the first whistle, we have decided to organise a Nerazzurri meeting on Clubhouse, the social network based exclusively on the voices of users, that has been climbing the rankings for some weeks now: on Saturday 20 February, from 22:30 CET, the room “This is the Derby – The night before”, led by the editorial board for Inter TV, will become the perfect meeting place to share points of interest and anecdotes regarding the derby.

It’s the best way to feel a little bit closer to the action, and an opportunity that confirms Inter Milan’s commitment to audible content: after the birth and growth of “Inter Podcast”, the first structured project of integrated, multiplatform communication across all Italian football, the progress made by Inter Media House under the banner of experimentation and innovation is ready to take another, important step forward.

The room “This is the Derby – The night before” (accessible via this link: will also be on ClubItalia’s schedule, the first and biggest Italian ‘club’ to have popularised the platform.

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