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Pedro and Manoel dominant in Weekend League and upcoming dates

Inter eSports brings you the Road to South American Qualifier 5 and more
We hope you all have had a fantastic weekend; we certainly enjoyed ours - mostly because our team performed admirably. In this latest update, we look back on this weekend's excellent results and look forward to what's to come over the next week. Incredible results in the Weekend League We kick off with a review of the weekend just gone. When there isn’t a big event, we revert to Weekend League. It is up to the players to win as many games as they can from 30 matches and come out on the top in the rankings. Winning every match is an amazing effort and two of our players managed to achieve this feat. Both Pedro and Manoel obtained a perfect record. Pedro finished in the Top 35, while Manoel came in the Top 83. Levy got in the Top 105 with his record of 28-2 and finally, Nicolas finished in Elite 1 with his 28-2 result. In total, our team won 116 of their 120 matches and with three players in the Top 105, we set a new record in the Weekend League results. We are incredibly proud of this accomplishment!

South American Qualifier 5: Pedro goes for his hattrick
This weekend, starting on 27 March, we kick off South American Qualifier 5. An event we are very much looking forward to. Pedro is brimming with confidence after winning both Qualifier 3 and 4. But we are, of course, hungry for more and therefore on the hunt for a hattrick in the South American Qualifiers. The competition will be fierce, as all eyes are on Pedro. We know he performs well under pressure and we are excited to see what he can show once more. And he is not alone.

Nicolás will be live streaming his ‘Road to South American Qualifier 5’
Besides Pedro, we also have Nicolás competing in the new Qualifier. And he has enough confidence in his game to get a great result. And the best thing about this is that you can follow his performance live. He will be streaming his own ‘Road to South American Qualifier 5’ on his Twitch channel. If you want to cheer him up when things are tough, you can follow our Twitter-account to discover when he will be live.

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