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Levy and Manoel fought in the finals in the Netherlands and Italy. Nerazzurri victorious over Turkish sides

The competition in FIFA 21 is still fierce. This week we saw a lot of excellent matches with some great result for our team. With that in mind, we would love to share what our team has been up to.

Levy reaches final four in Dutch eDivisie
The last time we gave an update about the team, we spoke of Levy and his efforts in the Dutch eDivisie. As you may know, he plays for FC Emmen on a loan. Together with Swedish talent Oliver Uttgren he qualified for the play-offs. The 8 best teams battle for the title. In the first match, they had to face Fortuna Sittard. Oliver started and lost his match 2-1. With his back to the wall, Levy showed his skills and won his match 2-0. That was enough to qualify for the semi-finals. The squad had to face VVV Venlo in the semi-finals. It was again Oliver who started. But luck wasn’t on his side, and he lost that match with 1-0. The pressure was once more on the shoulders of Levy. He started great and grabbed a 1-0 lead. But unfortunately, the game ended in a 1-1- draw. But still, ending in the top 4 after a great competition is something to be proud of.

Levy got called up for eOranje
Levy has so far played an excellent season. But there is still more in store for him. He got selected for the national team of the Netherlands: eOranje. Coach Koen Weijland and the other two players that got selected (Levi de Weerd and Ali Reza Aygün) decided that Levy was the perfect fit for the team. He will play in the FIFAe Nations Cup. This event will take place in Copenhagen from August 20th to the 22nd. We wish him the best of luck!

Manoel gives all he's got in the eSerie A
Last week there was also the Final 8 in the Italian eSerie A. Manoel was excited about the event and practised a lot. But in the first round, he had to face the player of Crotone. He played the best he could. With a 2-2 draw, the match ended up in penalties. Luck wasn’t on Manoel side and eventually, he lost. Due to the fact he had to start in the loser bracket, it was right away the end of the competition for him.

Victory in Turkish tournament
Besides his efforts in the eSerie A, he was also invited to play in a custom organized Turkish tournament. And there he showed how good he is. In the semi-finals, he was matched with Arseven from Futbolist. He won that match 7-6. That result gave him a ticket to the final. Kaan Tüzün from Digital Athletics was the opponent in that match and showed what he was capable of. With an amazing result (8-1) he claimed the well-deserved victory.

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