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Jun 27th 2022

The Nerazzurri's project involved many children from Buenos Aires and Puerto Iguazu

BUENOS AIRES - Inter Campus recently headed to in Puerto Iguazu, a city in northern Argentina bordering Paraguay and Brazil, and the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. They called upon the neighbourhoods of Barrio 1 de Mayo in Puerto Iguazu and Escalada and Villa Jardin in Buenos Aires, both of which suffer from problems of extreme poverty and social exclusion, to not only gift local children with Inter kids but also to involve them in inspiring activities.

In Puerto Iguazu the activities took place on a school pitch built by our partners which was donated to the local community. In Buenos Aires our Nerazzurri delegation had a kickabout with boys and girls at the new PUPI Foundation complex, with Javier Zanetti and Paula de la Fuente welcomed with open arms by the locals. 

There was also an opportunity to renew the collaboration contracts with our local partners, restating the value of our historic and crucial partnerships with the PUPI Foundation and with the London Supply Group Foundation.  

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