InterCampus Paraguay Asuncion - Settembre 2016.Foto: Franco Origlia per InterCampus

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Jul 25th 2022

Alongside the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, confidence and motivation develop through football

Asunción - After several months, the first part of a research project on the development of children's personality, focusing particular attention on two important aspects that form a child's character in the pre-adolescent age, has concluded in Paraguay. Motivation and confidence were looked at due to their importance, not only on the field of play but in every day situations, especially for those facing and tackling daily difficulties.

The aim of Inter Campus around the world is for children to learn about life skills, useful at home and in school for example, through the world of football. In the landfill districts of Cateura and Zeballos Cua in Asunción, with the support of AFASOP, the association run by Julio Gonzalez that has worked with us for many years, a comparative study has been undertaken researching participants who have taken part in the Inter Campus project and those who haven't.

The project is the first part of a larger study (, which has already moved into its next stage with a focus on emotional responses, stress, and comfort and support, significant aspects in building social relationships and self-esteem. Early results show positive signs with a final evaluation, involving other Clubs, arriving in a few months time.

InterCampus Paraguay Asuncion - Settembre 2016.Foto: Franco Origlia per InterCampus

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