Our History

By the end of 1950s, FC Internazionale had already built up a considerable fan base. Recognising how the support for the Nerazzurri colours was spread out, the then President Angelo Moratti with his staff and Inter manager Helenio Herrera, began to plan an organisation that would bring together all the Inter fans. The possibility of organising Inter supporters into fan clubs was examined during a meeting with a group of expert fans which included Maurizio Migliori, the "wise man" and first person in the Italian football in charge of stadium services and also active leader of a fan group named 'I Moschettieri' (The Musketeers). This meeting laid the foundations for what would become the first ever Coordination Centre for fan clubs operating in Italy. Through the Inter Club Coordination Centre (CCIC), F.C. Internazionale Milano – a football club with millions of fans in Italy, Europe and worldwide – have the aim to leverage their deep passion and facilitate their support for the Nerazzurri colours, so that they can play a vital role into the club's life and success on and off the pitch. Inter Clubs are the true driving power behind the safeguarding of the sporting and fair values of F.C. Internazionale Milano all over the world.