Andrea Ranocchia and Tommaso Cassissa the guests on A Night Not For Everyone


May 29th 2020

The Nerazzurri defender presented Froglife, the mini-series which sees him recount his career

MILAN – A Night Not For Everyone, the Inter TV talk show hosted by Fernando Siani and Astrid Ericsson, recently returned, with Andrea Ranocchia and Tommaso Cassissa, a content creator with over 2.5 million followers, the guests from their homes.

For the Nerazzurri defender, the new instalment presented an opportunity to publicly present his mini-series Froglife for the first time. This is a digital project which was undertaken to describe his career through ten cartoon-style videos, during which his voice narrates the most important moments he’s experienced from when he was a youngster through to the present day.

"The idea to create Froglife came about a few months ago and emerged from my desire to recount some of the stages of my football career, describing the most significant experiences I’ve had in the process. In collaboration with my agency, we’ve created this content which, despite only being a few minutes long, is significant and might remind others of the experiences they’ve had. Inter obviously receive a lot of attention in it because I’ve spent most of my career wearing these colours.”

Exactly nine years ago, Inter lifted the Coppa Italia trophy after beating Palermo at the Olimpico in the final. It was Ranocchia’s first season at the Club, with the Italian defender having joined in the January transfer market. Since then, he’s gone on to enjoy many great moments and, despite having his fair share of downs, is widely admired by the Nerazzurri faithful.

“It took a lot of work, commitment and dedication to overcome what had become a difficult situation, with my passion for these colours also helping me along the way. A lot of things have happened, but I think the fact that I’ve always given everything for Inter has set me apart. In good times and bad, I’ve always tried to find solutions that could benefit the team, the group, the Coach and the Club. I’m happy with what I’ve achieved and the fact that I’ve won the affection of the fans. A lot of these events are recalled in Froglife because every clip of this mini-series refers to a particular moment of my life. This project includes a bit of everything, good moments and bad, and let’s hope that more great things are still to come.”

Froglife is catered to several audiences, from fans wishing to discover more about the Club’s recent past to the Nerazzurri’s youngest supporters.

“When this project was conceived, my immediate focus was on youngsters, because many people write to me on social media and tell me that my approach in the last few years and throughout my career is something they can relate to in their lives. Therefore, I believe that what I recount through the images and my voice can lead to moments of reflection or provide help. I’ve never been one for social media and like to keep my private life to myself, but over the years I’ve realised that a player has to adapt to the world around them and this includes the digital and social media side of things, which is continuously evolving and developing. This project was created to offer something different and explore new possibilities when it comes to describing your own story.”

One of the most entertaining parts of the episode was when Tommaso Cassissa gave Andrea Ranocchia some advice on where to start when it comes to YouTube, with the content creator also describing his channel:

“A few years ago, I began uploading videos to my YouTube channel – Tommycassi – out of passion. Luckily, it went well and here I am today. I like experimenting with a bit of stand-up comedy and music, always looking to be innovative. I talk about my life and my passions, and I try to entertain while staying true to who I am.”

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