Conte: “I'm satisfied with the efforts of the squad, we're concentrating on tomorrow"


The thoughts of the Nerazzurri coach on the eve of Inter vs Parma

APPIANO GENTILE - Antonio Conte took questions from the media at the Suning Sports Centre on the eve of the clash against Liverani's Parma. The fixture is set to kick off tomorrow at 18:00 CET at the Meazza and marks matchday 6 of Serie A 2020/21

How do you expect Parma to play?

Liverani's teams always try to play tactical football. Behind every match there is a strategy and a plan. Since we have one of our own, Parma will have theirs also.

How is Lukaku?

Romelu had a muscular problem against Shakhtar; it is important that we manage it and undertake the correct recovery for it. For us, he is an important player, as are the others; his injury occurred at the same time when Sanchez has also been absent due to an injury that carried over from his duty with his national team. We are monitoring the situation in order to do what’s best for both the player and Inter. It’s especially unfortunate because we really needed him. Also, we are bringing some players back to full fitness following their interactions with Corona virus. In spite of all of this, there’s confidence in our available players and we must do well regardless of the circumstances.

So Sanchez won't be available tomorrow, then?

Sanchez is not ready either, we have to wait for the doctors and the player to give us the okay, sometimes their desire to get back on the pitch as soon as possible leads to a poor or consequential decision. The players have to take great responsibility and I want them to be aware in all situations. Everything that happens improves us and gives us experience, especially for the players.

In Kyiv we saw Young return to the field almost immediately after having recovered from Covid-19, could the same be true for Gagliardini?

What we did with Ashley may have been a surprise but at the same time we managed the situation very well; we try to keep them training at home. They are all borderline, complicated situations but we knew that he had trained and that Perisic who had played a lot recent fixtures needed to rest. You must consider and act out of necessity and virtue. Gagliardini is fine, he also trained at home and is a full-fledged player that is available and one that I am happy to have back. His return is important since the midfield is a department that was very affected the virus.

With regard to Vidal, is his position the one we are seeing him in now?

Vidal has reached an important level of maturity; he has had great experiences. When I had him in the past, he was much more offensive, he was more focused on attacking. Today, instead he is a more mature player, more responsible; he is someone I can rely on and ask anything. If you look at our midfielders many have more offensive characteristics, so this led me to ask him to occupy a more strategic position in the middle of the field. Vidal has brought a lot of personality, experience and flair; he had to play all the time and he responded great and if we get the chance to give him a moment to rest and recover you have to do it so as not to overburden some players and get too thinly-stretched.

There have never been any comments on post-match refereeing. Is this a calculated choice?

I think it is acceptable to evaluate things in the right places. We concentrate on being focused on the field; the rest is taken care of by the management and the club in the appropriate locations.

In the search for balance in the squad, we talk a lot about midfield. Are you satisfied with Brozovic?

I am satisfied with everyone and I am doubly satisfied because everyone gave a lot during a time when there were no other alternatives and I asked them for even more effort. Brozovic has performed well over the last two games, he knows he has room for improvement but I'm happy with him for his attitude and his behaviour. The same goes for the others; there is a great willingness even when it gets difficult and I demand more.

Could Perisic be a potential option in attack given current absences?

Perisic has already played with me in last year's preseason and did well. He has some attacking attributes; even in the national team in one of the most recent games he played as a forward, so he can be an important alternative in the front two. I can also rely on Pinamonti; he has to gain experience but he is showing great attitude, applies himself well and has bought into our vision at the club, so he stands as an alternative with Lukaku and Sanchez absent and with Lautaro who is always playing. It will be necessary to make some evaluations.

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